From getting involved in local and global initiatives to simply minimising our energy use, since we set up Tarka Springs in 2001, we have been very aware of our environmental responsibilities.

Solar Panel graphic

We actively manage our energy consumption.
We installed a 50-kilo watt solar array in May 2012 to generate our own electricity. Production is maximised in daylight hours in order to utilise as much of our self-generated electricity as possible.

plastic bottle graphic

All of our bottles are made from recycled glass and are 100% recyclable, or r-PET. Good quality r-PET can be reused over and over again continuing in its usefulness and removing the need for future production. This saves energy and resources as well as reducing future waste.

CO2 cloud graphic

All of our raw materials are sourced from manufacturers in the UK to lower our carbon foot print.

recycle graphic

We recycle and reuse. Any waste plastic or cardboard is baled and recycled.